Gifts to Send Love Ones in Lockdown

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the social distancing can get hard to bear. However there is no need to not stay connected
with your loved ones without physically meeting them. Although a phone call or a message will do wonders, why not send them a present to let them know you are thinking of them? 
Gifts can act as unique little pick me ups, and can have a sense of purpose, especially to those struggling in isolation. At All For Her Gifts, we have something for everyone, whether it’s a self care gift box, a candle making kit or a birthday hamper. Choose from our personalised gifting options and cheer up  your loved one today.

Self-Care Gift Boxes 

You will be spoilt for choice with the variety of gifts on offer from All For Her Gifts. A self-care gift box would be the perfect and most practical gift during isolation, and would probably be appreciated more during this time. It would also encourage your loved ones to stay at home if it is mandatory for them to do so.  
You can personalise these gift boxes by using our build a box function which allows you to pick the right products for your loved one. How about a coffee buff body scrub along with a  Rose in a can to give a good balance of pampering and relaxation. You can also pick a personalised candle for the box. 
Add more products to the gift box including not only the personalised candle and Rose in a can, but an Argan hair oil and a Bath and Body Oil to really pamper your loved one. By adding something for the hair, body, inner body, and the environment around them, you will no doubt make their isolation much more special and at peace.
Oh hey! Box

Candle Making Kit 

Another great gift idea that we have to offer is our candle making kits to really bring out the creative side of your loved ones and keep them busy during the pandemic. Our DIY candle making kit includes all the materials you need to make environmentally friendly, soy wax candles. This includes the soy wax, wicks and holders, the glass jars, and a fragrance. With all the materials there, your loved one will not have to leave their place to buy more materials. 
We have a range of fragrances to choose from. Whether they prefer some fresh like raspberry and vanilla, fruity like summer mango, or more intense like cinnamon and vanilla, we will cater to anyone’s style. 

Personalised Messages

Our gifts can be sent as 'miss you' gifts, 'thinking of you' gifts or iso birthday gifts. To express the occasion,  we can add handwritten messages to send to your loved ones to add that special extra touch, and to personalise the gift one step further. Not only will your loved one receive a thoughtful gift, but an accompanying endearing message will just be the cherry on top to the overall package. 
So why not brighten up her day today with a small token of gesture that is unique, safe, and special. We can guarantee that a thoughtful gift will make your loved ones feel even more connected to you, and will truly be appreciated.
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