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Fan Decorative Plate/Jewellery holder


Handmade in Melbourne these fan shaped plates are multi-use and are gorgeous to have placed on a decorative arrangement around the house or even in your bedroom to hold your jewellery once taken off for bed. Each plate is sealed and vanished  individually to ensure they have a lux finish.

As they are handmade they will be subject to minor abrasions or imperfections, we have a high quality control team that will assess each item to ensure it is as perfect as it can be however please note that each item may have a slight variance due to the handmade nature.

Each item is handmade with love and perfect for a housewarming, birthday or even a "just because" gift. Each disc is wrapped individually in a clear plastic film with gold ribbon to ensure it is ready to be gifted and protected safely. 

Dimensions: 14 cm x 18 cm


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